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Restructuring Your Family Following Divorce


One of the tragic effects of a divorce is its impact on the intimate attachment within members of a nuclear family. It might be time to meet with a Colorado Springs Child Custody Attorney if you have issues with a workable family arrangement acceptable to you and your ex.

Restructure Your Family After A DivorceColorado couples are frequently so worried about divorce that they do not understand the value of structuring sufficient parental time into a child’s life following a divorce. Parents prefer to make their parental plans so much simpler to complete a divorce and merely expect that their children can have to adapt. A smarter approach, though, is to establish an integrated parenting strategy that works for both.

Both households are different because there can be one parental strategy for all. The age of your children, the way you intend to live near your former partner, the family house where the children go to the school, and many other considerations, rely on your parental plan. A plan like this would decide the duration of the non-custodial parent meetings, vacations, visits during the night, and school breaks.

Important decisions about dedicated parenting time, faith, education, and medical and financial choices should be agreed upon by ex-spouses. These judgments will either be assigned to one person or made together, based on whether you share legal custody. You will want to determine whether you and your former partner will collaborate in parental choices before deciding how to arrange legal custody matters.

Many divorcing couples recruit legal counsel to create a parental strategy and request a mediator’s support if their communication disrupts. A child custody lawyer in Colorado Springs will help you create a feasible plan that respects each parent’s bond.