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Get the superior family law results that you can rely on to protect your best interests during family litigation.  At Moran & Associates, we handle all facets of Colorado family law with the utmost professionalism and compassion for our clients.

We understand the pain and uncertainty divorce proceedings can be for our clients, especially when family law divorce proceedings or separation involves children.

Our family lawyer experts produce the results needed to get the best possible outcome in each client’s case, and we offer free consultations to discuss your situation without charge. 


  • Jon

    Protection Order Dismissed With Prejudice

    Keith Karnes exceeded my expectations. He spent a lot of time working on my case and was able to have...
    read more - 10/17/2021 


    Out Of State Child Custody Victory

    Very practical attorney. Even with the difficulties my case presented. Mike did everything he could to help me get my...
    read more - 10/11/2021 


    Protection Order Victory

    Mr.Allen helped me get the result that I needed from my protection order case. He made everything understandable to the...
    read more - 10/07/2021 

  • Anonymous

    High Net Worth Divorce Decree

    Professional and Humble - Mr. Michael T. Allen is a very talented lawyer who knows what he is doing. He...
    read more - 10/05/2021 


    Protection Order Victory

    Michael Allen has been such an awesome attorney, he and his Paralegal office manager Tabatha, have been so helpful during...
    read more - 9/17/2021 


    Out Of State Child Custody Victory
    Michael Allen is amazing and helped me with my case regarding my child. We recently just had a win in...
    read more - 9/09/2021 

  • Laura - Colorado Springs, CO

    Grateful for Mike's Expertise We got to work with Mike Allen on a seemingly hopeless case. Mike worked diligently to provide direction, propose solutions... read more - 5/06/2021 

    Amanda - Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    Family Law Micheal Allen was very efficient with my case and really understood what I wanted with my parenting plan moving forward... read more - 4/06/2021 

    Cindi - El Paso County, CO

    Excellent Choice Mike is an incredibly effective, smart, and resourceful lawyer. He takes pride in his accomplishments and works diligently to use... read more - 12/14/2020 

  • anonymous - Colorado Springs, CO

    Excellent Representation Mike was a pleasure to work with on my Colorado Springs domestic violence issue. He provided a free consultation covering... read more - 11/01/2020 

    Matt - Colorado Springs, CO

    Comforting and skilled Once I started working with Michael, I was immediately comforted by our attorney client relationship. He advised me about all... read more - 10/26/2020 

    Sandy - Colorado Springs, CO

    Michael Allen review Michael was honest and straight forward in during my free consultation, explaining all our options. His fee was reasonable for... read more - 10/03/2020 

  • Grasiela - Colorado Springs, CO

    True family law fighter Michael Allen is someone I will highly prefer, he will fight for the family, I was lost in so many... read more - 8/15/2020 

    anonymous - Fort Carson, CO

    Exceptional attorney When Michael helped me with my Colorado Springs divorce, I was very scared with domestic violence, I knew so little,... read more - 8/14/2020 

    Nick - Colorado Springs, CO

    Loyal And Devoted. I hired Mike at Perkins Law Firm to tackle both my divorce and child custody issues I was having. I... read more - 7/03/2020 

  • Theresa - Colorado Springs, CO

    Best attorney Fantastic attorney. Knows what to do to win. Got me the results I needed and walked me through every step... read more - 6/08/2020 

    Adam - Colorado Springs, CO

    Great Family Lawyer! Mike T. has been an outstanding lawyer to me for my custody situation. He made it quick, easy, and painless.... read more - 5/30/2020 

    anonymous - Colorado Springs, CO 80903

    Great representation Mike and his team were very helpful during my divorce. Paperwork was processed in a timely manner and I was... read more - 5/18/2020 

  • Anna - Colorado Springs, CO

    Professional review Michael Allen helped us on a sensitive case and he was very professional, courteous and very helpful through a difficult... read more - 4/21/2020 

    John - Colorado Springs, CO

    Divorce lawyer. Great job My first contact with Mike I knew I would hire him. He gave me his time and some advise that... read more - 4/15/2020 

    Barbara - Colorado Springs, CO

    Great lawyer Michael looks out for his clients. I highly recommend him. He was always available for questions I had. Best Colorado... read more - 4/10/2020 

  • anonymous - Colorado Springs, CO

    Success in my Protection order case! Michael Allen was my attorney in my protection order case. He was very attentive and helped me achieve what I wanted. - 4/09/2020 



We will carefully investigate all aspects of your family law issue and provide the superior guidance and counsel you need to prevail. Our practice has been built by successfully representing wives, husbands, and grandparents involved in Colorado Springs’ legal proceedings. Throughout El Paso County, CO, we provide the expert legal counsel required to provide a path to guide your case to the best possible outcome.

Moran & Associates Family Law provides cost-effective legal services to clients throughout the greater Colorado Springs area. We offer superior family law services, no matter how complex the case. Our legal team takes great pride in providing vigorous advocacy, individual attention, and compassionate counsel each case deserves. We will help you navigate complex family law matters so that you can move forward in your life with confidence and security.


Our legal team will always fight for the best possible conclusion for each family law case. It is our unwavering mission to ensure that your legal rights are protected, that you maintain your fundamental right to be a parent, and you get your fair share of the marital estate. We will have your back and lighten the load during this arduous process.

We offer a free initial review of your circumstances by experienced Colorado Springs family law attorneys Michael Thomas Allen and Keith Tyler Karnes. Out family law attorneys will assess your situation and advise you of the most appropriate path to protect your assets and family.


To find the best divorce family law law firm for your case, start with a list of recommendations. Ask friends, co-workers and family members which Colorado Springs divorce lawyer they would recommend for a divorce case. Chances are high that someone you know has used an El Paso County, CO family attorney in the past. Other popular ways to find the perfect family law firm are to search the internet using terms like “best family attorney near me“, “top rated child support attorneys near me“, “top rated child custody lawyers near me“, or “affordable protection order attorneys near me“.

Once you have a list of candidates, reach out to each of the attorneys and request a complimentary consultation to discuss the details of your divorce, child support, or visitation issue. During this initial consultation, it’s important to note the legal advice given and how each lawyer answers your questions. It would be best if you were completely comfortable with the law firm you select, as highly complex divorce cases can take years to complete. Having a responsive and effective Colorado Springs, CO divorce attorney team will be critical to meeting your goals.


Many factors go into the calculation determining the divorce cost in Colorado Springs. These factors include the experience and effectiveness of the divorce lawyer you select and the time and effort your attorney will spend completing your case.

If you're considering filing for a divorce in Colorado Springs, contact a leading divorce attorney highly experienced in these cases.  Based on the details that you provide, your divorce attorney can give you a good idea of what your total costs will be.

Not necessarily. There are many more single mothers now than ever before in the history of the state. If you are a father who is facing a divorce in Colorado, you will need a divorce lawyer to fight hard for an adequate amount of visitation or custodial time with your children.

No. If a couple can agree 100% on all property and child custody matters, we would recommend considering an uncontested divorce. However, if any financial, support or child-related details are still unresolved between the divorcing couple, we would strongly recommend contacting a qualified divorce attorney for legal advice.