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Child Custody AttorneyColorado laws state that a definitive verdict in a child custody hearing ensures granting parents sufficient parenting time; unless this poses a risk to the child’s well-being. It is essential to have a Colorado Springs child custody lawyer who is an expert in family law guide your through this very important process in the event if both parents cannot agree regarding the child’s primary residence in Colorado.

In Colorado Springs, premier child custody lawyer Michael Thomas Allen at Moran & Associates will help you make the right decisions to protect your child by developing a court-approved schedule for child visitation and parental decision making.

The commonly utilized structure is to have the child reside with one parent and arrangements made for the other parent’s regular parenting time.  In cases where an agreement cannot be arrived at by the child’s parents, the courts will review the entire case and make a ruling in the child’s best interest according to the standards set forth by the law.

Custody Agreements


If a parent violates the custody order refuses to abide by or adhere to the time specified, your attorney will be able to advocate with the court for the custody order and ensure its enforcement. Be proactive in a divorce in Colorado Springs by allowing child custody lawyer Mike Allen to help protect your child.

Attorney Allen provides superior representation to grandparents advocating for visitation and parental rights for their grandchildren. Find out how you can secure your visitation rights today with a free family law consultation from a top child custody lawyer in El Paso County, Colorado for the peace of mind every responsible parent needs in a time like this.

Child Relocation


Under Colorado state laws, neither parent has the right to relocate a child involved in a custody case to another state without first attaining the court’s authorization. In many cases, a parent may need to relocate to another locale; in these circumstances, it is imperative to have your legal counsel fight to secure standing as the primary residential and decision making parent.

Should I hire a child custody lawyer in Colorado Springs for my case?


Suppose your child is in danger, or they are involved in an accident due to the other spouse’s negligence. As a responsible parent, you would want to immediately protect your child and take custody of them – not file the necessary paperwork and deal with the court.

When you hire a skilled lawyer for child custody, you are protecting yourself from situations like this. Do not risk the safety of your child. Hire an effective attorney like Mike Allen in Colorado Springs.  Any lawyer will attempt to support you when the courts do not allow you to acquire custody, but will they deliver the results that you need? Save the worry and hire a true professional with the experience you need to be in control of the case.

The most common reason people hire a child custody lawyer is to make sure that the job of your child’s safety is done right. You want your Colorado family law attorney to be the best in the field, to have the right experience, and to be able to handle all of the paperwork, arguments, and hearings. A great lawyer will help you throughout the process and can make problems with your ex-spouse disappear.  If you are unhappy with the custody arrangement you have negotiated on your own and want it changed, a top family law lawyer can assist you to obtain the best situation possible.

If you have any other questions for your lawyer about Colorado Springs child custody, we will be able to answer them for you. We will carefully detail the pros and cons of each situation and tailor our legal strategy to achieve your goals.

Our office will work with you to find a child custody agreement that suits your situation best. Get the legal advice you need with the guidance of our family law attorney.

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