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Colorado child support guidelines vary considerably depending on situations and circumstances. This makes it essential that your case or issue be reviewed and advised by leading family lawyers in Colorado Springs to protect the children’s best interests.

Colorado state law mandates that all family law settlements be made per Colorado guidelines. This is to clearly establish the level of support needed for each child involved in a divorce or a legal separation. The same financial support is also available for children born to parents never married.


When it’s time to put in place a financial support agreement, our lawyers in Colorado Springs will protect your child’s future every step of the way. All Colorado parents have financial and physical support obligations, whether married or not.

Our highly rated family lawyers  Michael T. Allen, Keith T. Karnes, and Ryan T. Dietrich provide the expert legal advice required to put a blueprint for your child’s success in place. Contact our office today for a free consultation.



Colorado law requires that all children receive monetary support from their parents until they reach the age of nineteen, unless they are married or active duty military. This law applies even if the parents never married or are currently not together or legally divorced. It is important to get in touch with a knowledgeable family lawyer who will help you understand the best way to protect your children and yourself legally.

A Colorado Springs support lawyer will help you understand all of the support requirements, and how a child support calculation is made. Important factors are taken into account, including:

  • The income of both parents
  • The child’s needs
  • Cost of living
  • Bonuses
  • Spousal maintenance



All court-approved support orders may be modified once there is evidence to support the claim that the financial capabilities of the spouse paying support has changed. Modifications can increase or decrease based on the supporting parent’s financial situation. Any circumstance that causes a 10% or more shift in the amount a parent can pay for financial support is grounds for the support order to be modified to coincide with the changes.

Hiring a Colorado Springs attorney from Moran & Associates Family Law will ensure that any positive changes to a current support order are handled without delay. If it is found that a parent can contribute more to a child’s support, all the necessary requests are submitted to force the change in level of support.



Failure to pay court-ordered support is not an option under Colorado laws. Though Colorado state statute mandates parents to pay all child support required by the judge, this does not always happen. Some parents may make incomplete or late payments on a regular basis, and some might fail to pay money at all.

This entitles you to pursue civil proceedings and other alternatives to force compliance with the court order. As the child support compliance attorneys, we will help you select the most successful forms to receive your child support.

Regardless of the case, you need to be supported with adequate assistance by the child’s other parent. Since we’ve already protected your interests, we’ll do so again in order to encourage you to continue providing your children with the quality of life they deserve.

The remedies include, among others, contempt of court, salary garnishment, wealth forfeiture, and more in administering child support orders. This act further authorizes interest to be levied for all overdue child support, compounded annually, at 12% a year.

We treat child support commitments seriously, and so do the courts in Colorado. We act as parents’ lawyers in child support compliance cases, and we are informed regarding the respective protections that are provided to all parents.

There are options available for your consideration to ensure full payment of a current  support order. Moran & Associates’ legal expert will work with the court to ensure that every support payment arrives on-time, and in the full amount required.

We understand how essential child custody support is to your child’s well being. Let us help you protect your children. Call us today to learn how beneficial it will be to have a top family lawyer from Colorado Springs forcing the supporting parent to follow Colorado law.



Parental support responsibilities for a child normally stop by the age of 19 in Colorado. Additionally, child support contributions must begin before the child graduates or hits the age of 21, whichever happens first.

When a child becomes unable to provide for themselves owing to an impairment, his or her child support duties begin. In addition to routine child support fees, other expenditures relating to the baby, such as child care, health benefits, school expenses, travel costs, and medical costs might even be expected to be charged under a child support order.

The attorneys at Moran, Allen & Associates recognize the significance of specificity when formulating child support orders. To better reduce the challenges and expenses involved with uncertainty, ensure sure you have the right support arrangement the first time.

Families with total adjusted gross incomes under $360,000 a year shall meet the legislative requirements. In child custody or divorce proceedings where a higher-income family is present, the judge is more inclined to recognize the reasons listed in the law that aren’t frequently discussed in child support cases:

  • A child’s socioeconomic capital
  • The custodial parent’s financial capital
  • In the present conditions, the child will have a poorer quality of life for a breakup in the parents’ partnership.
  • The child’s physical, social, and educational conditions must be considered in order to fulfill his or her developmental needs.
  • The noncustodial parent’s financial capital

A recurring support allowance outside the higher reaches of the C.R.S. 14-10-115 rules can be measured or extrapolated, although other courts may not.

Every case is different from all others, and the specifics of your individual situation can bear on the outcome. It doesn’t matter if your situation is straightforward or complex; we are prepared to assist you in the process.

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Our highly effective attorney will aggressively use every legal means available to ensure that your child’s interests are secured without further delay. Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law are the right legal experts in Colorado Springs to get your payments on a support agreement back on track.

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