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How Does Domestic Violence Affect Child Custody



In Colorado, family law child custody cases frequently revolve around domestic violence allegations, but it’s not often as straightforward as we believe.

How does domestic violence affect Colorado child custody?Colorado’s family law courts take domestic violence into account while determining family separation cases involving children. State law statutes shield all children and adults from potential harassment where violence is involved. Colorado state legislation is clear in defining and upholding the idea that children have the right to live in homes free of domestic violence, child exploitation, and neglect. Domestic violence must be taken into account when determining any child custody decisions.




Domestic violence is a pattern of aggressive actions used by one person to assert control over another person in a family, house, or interpersonal relationship. Relationships may encompass a range of types. 

People who are married, husbands and mothers, and others who have a child together are also included. In addition to domestic violence, harassment between parents and children and abuse between siblings may also be considered domestic violence. Non-romantic roommates are also protected under domestic violence statutes.



Domestic violence encompasses many nonphysical and coercive aspects of harassment, including:

  • Physical or verbal harassment such as referring to someone as “little Miss Stupid.”
  • Using threats of violence and coercion, including harassment, aimed toward a person’s mental well-being.
  • Using put-downs or belittling attitudes to terrorize or demean another person.
  • Leveraging economic control over another person or their possessions.



When it comes to negligence, violence, and child exploitation claims, the courts take a very close look. Credible proof is needed to substantiate child exploitation or neglect findings so parties might deliberately falsify evidence to justify their argument.

The criterion for demonstrating domestic violence is “preponderance of the evidence”; where a history of harassment is identified, this quantity of evidence is needed. Medical records, forensic reports, and public agencies are the most important in a court of law because of their importance.

The courts will make the determination where parents cannot come to an understanding about how to handle parental time with their children. Any evidence of domestic violence will be considered, along with abandonment or exploitation of their children or someone else’s children.

Although domestic violence is only one of the considerations the court recognizes, it is far from the only concern. The violent parent may nevertheless be given supervised parental time and parenting duties in Colorado even though they have harmed the child or assaulted the other parent.


The more time the child spends with the offending adult, the higher their risk of domestic violence. For example, a parents’ willingness to make decisions on behalf of their children could be impaired by the domestic violence projected by their spouse. Parents should be making decisions free of outside interference, such as getting harassed or being pressured to do something.

The court may authorize the allocation of joint decision-making where domestic violence has been substantiated and the other party objects. As long as the two parties can consent to collective decisions without the risk of physical confrontations in a location or circumstance that’s not detrimental to the child or the one exposed to violence.



Various programs are available to help ensure your well-being and civil rights if you and your children are domestic violence survivors. This directory of area programs has been rendered accessible through the Colorado Alliance Against Domestic Violence platform.

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