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My Husband Wants A Divorce

My Husband Wants A Divorce - Should I talk To A Lawyer?


Many practical problems arise when your husband consults a divorce lawyer and asks you for a divorce. Your heart immediately fills with fear and confusion and the uncertainty of how this all might end. One of the most important things to do is NOT overreact when your husband asks you for a divorce.

My Husband Wants A DivorceSome people automatically respond with anger or verbally abuse their husband when they learn that their husband wants a divorce. Don’t be like those individuals, control your emotions.  It’s very hard to do, but you might even be able to salvage your marriage by remaining calm and collected when your husband asks for a divorce.

So What's Your Best Option?


While you are considering what to do next, you should contact an experienced Colorado Springs divorce lawyer. They will advise how to prepare for the challenge of liquidating the assets you and your husband equally share. Your divorce lawyer will be able to give you a fair idea of what you can expect when it comes time for you and your husband to split up your assets. They will also advise you on other essential divorce matters like child custody, child support, common law marriage, and spousal support agreements.

Money - Children - Property


People often feel they have nothing further to discuss after they have decided to separate or divorce from their husband. This assumption could not be further from the truth.

All marriages come with circumstances where money is an issue, and one or both partners may feel the need to divide the assets between them to create some finality. It would be best if you didn’t allow this to occur without consulting with a legal professional first. If you have any assets that belong to you and your husband has asked for a divorce, talk to a Colorado Springs divorce lawyer specializing in these situations.

By gathering any assets that you believe belong to you and dividing those assets amongst your lawyers for safekeeping until the divorce case concludes, you will create a more stable situation for yourself and your children.

It is best to keep your assets in one place until the entire issue is closed. This point is crucial if you have valuable assets such as art or collectibles worth a lot of money. If there are children involved in the divorce, your lawyer will ensure that they are appropriately taken care of after the divorce is final.

Once your divorce is final, and there are no more proceedings regarding your property, you will be able to obtain a fair and just settlement quickly. Getting a fair and equitable settlement of assets and a clear plan in place for spousal maintenance and children’s needs is always the overriding goal.

Can My Marriage Be Saved?


If you do your research, you will find a lot of information on saving a failing marriage. It just takes a little more effort than the average person is willing to put in.

Marriage counseling can help save a marriage. Couples who are experiencing relationship problems benefit from talking with others who have been in the same situation as them – they can understand what you are going through and give you hope. The bottom line is that every family has different needs, and couples work things out together so that you can both get the assistance you need and make your marriage a healthier and more loving relationship.

If you are willing to try to work things out, perhaps you should ask for an extended trial period in which both of you can sit down and have a private discussion before the final divorce decree. Many marriages do survive this sort of trial, so don’t give up!

If your spouse is agreeable to working through your relationship’s problems, ask what you can do to keep the marriage intact. You can say that you genuinely love each other and wish the best for the other person. You can also tell your husband that you think you can get back together if the marriage goes through an honest discussion.