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Colorado Fathers Rights



colorado fathers rightsIn legal advertising today, the family law sector has nationwide companies that utilize words like “Fathers’ Rights” in their advertising. This form of advertising is confusing when it comes to Colorado divorce law. The terms “father’s rights”, “father’s rights attorney”, and “attorneys for dads” are misleading because it isn’t entirely accurate to claim that “father’s rights” only refers to one form of custody.

When it comes to Colorado divorce and custody law, men and women have precisely the same rights and benefits. So whether you are a mother or a father, achieving your desired outcome really depends on the skill of your divorce attorney. Custody and proper resolution of the lawsuit are significantly improved with the usage of an experienced divorce lawyer who employs a broad range of tactics, methods, and claims.

So fathers and mothers have equal protection under Colorado family law, which means that the parenting agreement will automatically end up as 50/50, correct? Absolutely not! There are many factors that are ground into the final parenting agreement orders.



One point that is worth remembering is that courts have traditionally adopted a legal concept known as “the tender years doctrine.” This implied that the courts turned over control of small children to their mothers. Although this belief and statute has been removed, it still appears to be prevalent in our courthouses today, where it is evident that fathers often seem disadvantaged by the laws and judicial system.

It is important to realize that, as a result, you would not simply state that you have the same claim to custody of your children; your divorce attorney must be prepared to explicitly and concisely present your argument to the judge. And your child must be willing to support your argument to the court by focusing on the “best interests of the child” principle.

Becoming a father is a wonderful opportunity to have an influence on the life of your children. You must be prepared to prove that the desired custody agreement is in the best interests of your children in order to share time with them. Being an active partner in your children’s everyday routines would benefit your situation and this ensures your children will be happier.

It also means, no matter how you plan to go through the divorce or an annulment in colorado, you can start doing everyday things like helping with education, waking up and dropping off the children, engaging in sports competitions, and helping in other assorted tasks before the divorce phase is even underway. There is a much stronger need for regular engagement if you and your partner are split up. Some fathers behave as “weekend fathers,” and are surprised when the court grants shared custody only with 50-50 time with the children.

Even though children today are more autonomous than past generations, partners always have a routgh time relating to each other since they are both too distracted. To combat this, here are several new devices that are currently available that are intended to support parents who are co-parenting their children to do so successfully. Our Family Wizard is the description of a specialized software application developed to help divorced spouses co-parent their children successfully. This software manages correspondence and record exchange, as well as demonstrating court orders’ enforcement or non-compliance. When devising a parental strategy or presenting a suggestion to the court or opposing party, advanced resources like these can prove invaluable.



So now you know not to buy the hype that certain attorneys try to sell you on the bogus “Father’s Rights” claim. To fully protect your parenting rights as a father, a solid foundation has to be laid.

It is crucial to be prepared to make an argument to the judge, and to discuss a favorable parenting settlement with opposing lawyers, in order to completely secure your civil rights, but to care for your children’s custody.

In all child custody and parenting agreements, it is the responsibility of each parent to provide their children with an upbringing as they see fit, as long as it is not cruel or legally unacceptable. Both fathers and mothers may contribute to this.

Colorado’s Family Law statutes also allows fathers a fair voice in parenting their children. Fathers are entitled to have fair or superior time with their children whenever the court believes that is in the children’s best interests.



Can a father’s parental rights be terminated by the court? Yes, and a mother’s can too. The court considers the termination of a parent’s privileges very seriously.

The termination of parental rights is not the same as a father taking time away from his children to raise them. Changing a decision or making a difference in the amount of time you spend with your children is also normal. It requires a high bar to revoke parental privileges, but a termination is final.



If a father is not married, does he have any rights? Yes, even though the father is not married to the woman, he will maintain his parental rights.

By determining when they will spend time with their children, fathers may delegate parental duties in order to decide parenting time and decision-making, by a joint arrangement or by a court judgment. Additionally, child maintenance would be assessed.