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Divorce Attorney Woodland Park CO


A Woodland Park divorce can turn lives upside down, leaving you uncertain about your future and legal rights. Our expert divorce attorneys at Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law offer the expertise to the best potential outcomes for our clients facing this challenge. We have the extensive experience necessary to navigate the complexities of Colorado family law with ease.

Divorce attorney Woodland Park CO


  • Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law provides expert legal help in Woodland Park divorce matters, including representation in divorce cases and assistance with child custody and property division throughout Teller County.

  • The firm’s attorneys have a background as former prosecutors, making them skilled in court litigation, especially for high-asset divorces with unique challenges.

  • They offer free initial consultations to discuss your case thoroughly and provide the necessary guidance during the difficult process of divorce.


At Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law, we deliver specialized and result-oriented solutions to navigate the complexities of family law. Our dedicated attorneys provide comprehensive legal support, ensuring that every aspect of your case is handled with skill and sensitivity.


Divorces are tough, but having the right legal team on your side can make a big difference. Seasoned lawyers with deep understanding of the complexities involved in family law stand ready to support and guide you through these hard times.

Our divorce lawyers know the Woodland Park, CO court inside out and tailor their approach to meet the specific needs of your case. Whether it’s fair asset division or negotiating spousal support, every detail is given personalized attention.

Having an experienced attorney to guide you ensures that your rights are protected throughout your Woodland Park divorce court proceedings. With a background as former prosecutors, these attorneys are equipped with top-notch litigation skills to manage everything from child custody battles to divorces involving military personnel carefully and effectively.

The offer of free initial consultations means you can get expert advice upfront without worrying about cost—a clear sign that they’re committed to looking after your interests and striving for the best outcome in your divorce case.


Understanding Colorado’s family law is essential when it comes to child custody agreements. Parents always want the best for their kids, and that includes finding solutions that protect their interests and well-being during a divorce.

That’s where experienced attorneys step in. They work diligently to create custody plans that respect your rights as a parent while keeping your child’s happiness at heart. No matter if it’s about sharing custody or having it solely, these legal experts are ready to take on even the trickiest situations with their vast knowledge.

Figuring out child support also plays a big part after parents split up, and it needs careful thought considering all legal guidelines. Knowing how much money is needed to raise children becomes a major focus of the divorce process when kids are involved.

A legal team who understands the workings of Teller County courts can help ensure that financial responsibilities are divided fairly and accurately between ex-partners. They fight hard for clients so that the final numbers truly reflect what’s necessary for the children without being unfair to either parent.


Splitting up what you own during a divorce can be challenging, especially with houses, retirement funds, and stocks in the mix. Our skilled lawyers help you split things up fairly so that you get what’s yours.

They’re always learning about the latest in Colorado family law and important court cases to fight for your rights. With seasoned attorneys to back you up, handling property division feels more manageable. We’ve got your back whether you’re going through a military divorce or need advice on simple breakups in Woodland Park.

When it comes to dividing property or determining who made which investments into the marriage, our team stands firm to help guide you smoothly through these significant parts of ending a marriage.


When you’re dealing with property division in a divorce, things can get pretty complicated. But there’s something just as important as figuring out who gets what: your safety. That’s where legal steps like getting a temporary restraining order come into play, especially if you live around Colorado Springs.

Let’s say you’re in immediate danger and need protection quick; that’s when having a lawyer who knows the drill really matters. They’ll help you file for that temporary restraining order fast, giving you some much-needed breathing room when tensions are high. Going through a legal separation is tough enough without worrying about your safety.

Getting the right attorney on your side could be key to snagging that restraining order when time is of the essence. They’ll walk you through everything, from what evidence you might need to explaining how different protection orders work in Colorado. In these crucial moments, their main aim is to give you not just legal advice but also some peace of mind by putting your safety and rights front and center.

woodland park colorado divorce experts


Get to know the family law experts at Moran, Allen & Associates, where unparalleled experience meets compassion—discover what sets us apart and let us guide you through your legal journey.


Dealing with family law issues can be incredibly stressful and emotionally draining. Experienced lawyers understand this weight and bring not only their legal know-how but also a compassionate approach to every situation they handle.

For those in Woodland Park facing challenging times, whether it’s navigating child custody disputes or understanding alimony, we offer personalized care and attention. Our experience as former prosecutors provide us with an advantage when representing clients in court, ensuring there are powerful supporters by your side throughout the proceedings.

Our attorneys realize that family law matters touch on very intimate parts of life, treating each case with the sensitivity and seriousness it demands. Clients see the benefits of their commitment to securing positive outcomes while striving to maintain amicable familial ties during separations or divorces.

Furthermore, our professionals excel at tackling various aspects of family law such as adoption procedures or advocating for fathers’ rights with unparalleled diligence and expertise.


Our team is made up of experienced trial lawyers who have honed their skills as former prosecutors. They use this experience to represent clients effectively in crucial family law matters, such as divorce and custody disputes.

Their background provides them with deep understanding of the legal system, which they apply to plan strategically and advocate vigorously for our clients’ rights. These skilled litigators will be your champions in court. Their expertise in criminal prosecution has shaped them into powerful allies in family law cases.

Ready for anything the courtroom throws at them, they focus on getting the best outcomes for the people they defend. From negotiation to jury trials, their dedication and winning history showcase their commitment to achieving justice and ensuring client victories.


Navigating through a divorce is a critical moment where understanding your legal rights and options becomes essential. To support you, free consultations are offered to help guide you during this tough period. In these meetings, our experienced attorneys focus entirely on your needs, answering any questions about divorce law, child custody, or other family law concerns.

Our legal professionals accompany clients throughout the entire process – from the first sit-down to any necessary court proceedings. They’re ready to listen and deliver straightforward information so that you can make choices with clarity and confidence.

Taking advantage of this complimentary service allows for an assessment of your unique circumstances and brings comfort as you contemplate your next steps in one of life’s most challenging transitions.


Clients trust Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law because they deliver real results during the toughest times. Thrilled divorcees frequently share stories of how the firm’s compassionate approach eased their stress in legal separations.

Satisfied parents talk about winning fair visitation rights and custody agreements, thanks to the skilled negotiations of these super lawyers. The gratitude extends to military personnel who faced unique challenges in dissolution of marriages; they highlight the firm’s expertise in navigating complex laws affecting service members with precision.

Happy clients often mention feeling heard and supported by attorneys who understand family relationships deeply. They appreciate having video conferencing options that offer convenience without sacrificing privacy.

Reviews regularly commend the expert guidance received throughout traumatic events such as dealing with domestic violence issues or disputes over community property. What shines through each testimony is a sense of relief from those legally separated, knowing experienced trial attorneys stood up for their father’s rights or negotiated favorable outcomes on their behalf.


Ready to take the next step towards a resolution in your family law case? Our skilled attorneys at Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law are here to offer expert guidance and comprehensive legal support.

Reach out today for your free consultation and let us help you navigate through this challenging time with confidence and care. Call or visit our Colorado Springs office now to start moving forward with compassionate, professional advocacy on your side.



What legal services can a divorce attorney in Woodland Park, CO provide?

A divorce attorney in Woodland Park, CO provides expert legal assistance with no-fault divorces, estate planning, elder law issues, guardianship matters and more to ensure your rights are protected.

How do I find the right lawyer for my case in Woodland Park?

You can check out a local lawyer directory or consult the Colorado Springs bar association for reputable attorneys specializing in family law, including those who handle annulments and conflicts of interest.

Can someone represent themselves without an attorney during a divorce?

Self-represented litigants, known as pro se individuals, may manage their own legal cases but should consider seeking at least initial advice from a qualified lawyer with a Juris Doctor degree to navigate complex proceedings effectively.

Is it possible to request a trial by jury for my divorce case?

Divorce cases typically do not involve juries; however, under unique circumstances where permitted by Colorado law and the court system’s provisions for trial by jury could be considered if prosecuted diligently.

Are there lawyers near me who specialize in elder law and estate planning?

Yes, our lawyers offer specialized legal services including elder law consultation and comprehensive estate planning tailored to individual needs through meticulous guidance from experienced paralegals and attorneys.



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