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Burlington Colorado Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer In Burlington Colorado

Divorce is never easy, and the journey to find a reliable lawyer in Burlington, Colorado, can make all the difference. We understand how daunting it feels to navigate legal separations and decode terms like “community property” and “spousal support.” That’s precisely why our Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law team has compiled everything you need to know about selecting a divorce attorney who will guide you expertly and walk beside you with empathy.

Burlington Colorado Divorce Lawyer

Our insights aim to streamline everything from dividing assets to settling child custody matters. Dive further for clarity and support. We’re here because we care.

Key Takeaways

  • Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law in Burlington, CO, has years of experience with divorce cases and understands handling asset division, spousal support, and child custody.

  • Our team offers personalized legal advice and empathetic support throughout the divorce process. We have a strong reputation backed by positive client reviews.

  • We focus on fair and equitable solutions for asset division in divorces instead of splitting everything equally since Colorado is not a community property state.

  • Spousal support and alimony cases are handled carefully to ensure financial stability for clients post-divorce. Our firm also guides legal separations.

  • For families facing custody issues, we prioritize children’s well-being while supporting parents through court or mediation processes to reach beneficial agreements.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in Burlington

Picking the right divorce lawyer in Burlington matters a lot. You want someone with lots of experience and good feedback from other clients.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in Burlington

Experience and Specialization

We have years of experience handling divorce cases like yours. Our team understands how to manage legal separations in Colorado Springs. We focus on making the divorce process more accessible for everyone getting divorced, their ex-spouses, and especially families with kids. From filing a divorce petition to explaining no-fault divorces, we guide our clients every step.

Our knowledge is not just comprehensive; it’s deep in important areas during these difficult times. Whether your case involves splitting up property or determining child support and visitation rights, you’re in good hands. We are known for sticking to high ethical standards while giving caring legal advice to people facing stressful court battles. Count on us as your skilled supporter in fighting for your rights and getting a fair deal.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

Our clients often share their experiences with us through reviews and testimonials. They highlight the legal help we offer, focusing on solving problems and offering support and guidance during difficult times. Our average lawyer rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars, which shows our commitment to every case, from alimony and custody battles to asset division.

Hearing from people we’ve helped is essential for those like you looking for reliable legal advice in Burlington, CO. These stories show how we manage divorce cases, court appearances, and negotiations with a skilled advocate by your side. Every testimonial highlights our team’s dedication to providing excellent service while understanding the emotional impact of divorce on families.

Common Legal Issues Handled by Burlington Divorce Lawyers

Our divorce lawyers serving Burlington clients handle all aspects of divorce or separation professionally so that you can focus on your future.

Common Legal Issues Handled by Burlington Divorce Lawyers

Dissolution of Marriage

We understand that splitting up assets in a divorce can feel overwhelming. Our law firm, Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law, is here to guide you through it. Colorado isn’t a community property state, so only some things are split down the middle. Instead, we look at what’s fair and equitable for both parties. This inspection could include houses, cars, savings accounts, and anything else shared during the marriage.

Our expertise helps us evaluate everything you own together so everything gets noticed. From there, we create a property division agreement that works for everyone involved. We also handle all the legal paperwork and court proceedings necessary to finalize these agreements. We aim to ensure that you leave this process feeling secure about your future finances and belongings. Trust our team for supportive legal representation every step of the way.

Spousal Support and Alimony

Alimony and spousal support are monthly payments that one ex-spouse must give to another after they get legally separated or divorced. This money helps the receiving spouse cover their living expenses. At Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law, we guide our clients through these legal processes. Our team considers all reasons for needing spousal support, such as health issues and the economic effect of divorce.

Legal separations don’t end a marriage but let couples make crucial decisions on support and other matters. Many clients opt for a legal separation instead of a complete divorce for this very reason. Our spousal support attorneys work hard on spousal support cases, providing expert legal assistance that protects what’s important to you: your financial stability and peace of mind.

Custody and Child Support

We understand that deciding on child custody and support can be challenging. Our team helps families in Burlington navigate these choices with care. Custody decisions touch on who will make significant life decisions for the children and where they will live. Child support is financial assistance for a child’s living expenses, education, and healthcare needs.

At Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law, we use our legal expertise to protect your rights as a parent while aiming for outcomes that benefit your children. We also offer emotional support and guidance through the court process or mediation. We aim to reach agreements that respect everyone involved, ensuring your kids have what they need to thrive after divorce proceedings end.


Finding the right divorce attorney in Burlington doesn’t have to be complicated. At Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law, we offer everything you need: expert advice, support during tough times, and a team that knows how to handle every challenge with divorce.


Our free consultations provide an excellent way to answer your divorce or separation questions without financial commitment. Plus, we offer virtual meetings to make discussing your situation easy and comfortable from anywhere. We’re here to help you move forward with confidence. Let’s discuss what you need and find a way together.


Absolutely! We specialize in guiding divorcees through the complex process of ending their marriage, whether it involves annulments or navigating the emotional effects of a split. Our legal counsel is well-versed in local laws and ready to support you.

We’ve got your back. Cases involving marriages based on deceit can be challenging, but our team is experienced in uncovering the truth and fighting for annulments under these circumstances. Trust us to take a firm stand for your rights.

Yes, indeed! Understanding the strain that legal fees can add to an already stressful situation, we offer a free consultation. This meeting allows us to understand your case better and provide initial guidance without any cost to you.

Child custody battles are heart-wrenching. We know because we’ve seen them up close too many times. Our approach balances legal expertise with sensitivity to what’s best for your children. Rest assured, we aim for resolutions that prioritize their well-being alongside protecting their parental rights.

Even when things seem straightforward, professional advice is crucial. As lawyers and advisors, we ensure every detail is considered, from splitting assets fairly to drafting clear agreements that prevent future disputes. Let us help make this transition as smooth as possible.