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Yuma Colorado Divorce Lawyer


Navigating through a divorce can be incredibly challenging. We understand because we’ve been by the side of countless individuals, guiding them through intricate situations such as dividing assets and determining child custody. Discover how an expert divorce lawyer in Yuma, Colorado, can help you find your way during this difficult time.

Yuma Colorado Divorce Lawyer

Understanding Divorce Law in Yuma, Colorado

  1. Colorado divorce law requires that one spouse has lived in the state for at least 91 days before filing a divorce petition. 

  2. Essentially, the law treats marriage as a contract between two people. The court divides property and debts fairly but only sometimes equally. If kids are involved, decisions about who they live with and how much time they spend with each parent focus on what’s best for them.

  3. Contested divorces can take longer because both sides may not agree on critical issues like child custody or dividing assets. In an uncontested divorce, both spouses agree on all terms, which makes the process faster and often less stressful.

Understanding Divorce Law in Yuma Colorado

Our job is to guide you through the best path, ensuring your rights are protected while seeking the best outcome for your family. We help our clients in Yuma County understand how divorce rules apply to their unique situations.

The Role of a Divorce Lawyer

Our divorce lawyer will guide you through ending a marriage with the utmost care, compassion, and professionalism. 

The Role of a Divorce Lawyer

Managing Divorce Proceedings

We help our clients with every step of their divorce. We handle the necessary paperwork, handle the sharing of financial information required by both sides and ensure that negotiations are conflict-free.   

Our team also deals with any issues that come up during these times. We avoid long court fights by promoting agreements suitable for everyone involved, keeping children’s needs first in mind. This way, we look out for our clients’ interests, save them time, and lessen their stress.

Ensuring Child Support and Custody

We provide clear advice on child support to ensure children receive the necessary support. Our team works hard for fair custody plans, always considering what’s best for the child. We handle all the paperwork and court appearances, simplifying a difficult time for families.

Our efforts include arranging support payments to help with kids’ living expenses, health care, and schooling. We also organize custody timetables that give each parent quality time with their children. These actions aim to bring stability during significant family changes.

Addressing Spousal Support Issues

We take care of all spousal support issues. In a divorce, both partners must share their financial information, including how much they earn, what they own, and what they owe. We also check on life and health insurance bought while married, which may be divided during divorce.

Our team works hard to make sure ex-partners get fair support payments. We use all the finance details to help negotiate alimony requests. We aim for an agreement that suits both sides’ needs and abilities.  Each case is unique, so we tailor our approach for every client we help.

How a Yuma, Colorado Divorce Lawyer Can Help

As your Yuma, Colorado divorce lawyer, we fight for your rights in court and deal with challenging issues like dividing up your things, keeping you safe from harm at home, and ensuring children have what they need. Learn more about how we can support you through this time.

How a Yuma Colorado Divorce Lawyer Can Help

Legal Representation

Get vital help for divorce cases in Yuma, Colorado, and the surrounding towns of Kirk, Wray, Joes, and Vernon. Our experts handle all your family law needs, including military divorce. We make it easy for our clients to stay informed by phone or video chat. Our lawyers fight to protect your rights during a divorce and ensure that property divisions are fair and equitable. 

Navigating Domestic Violence Issues

It’s crucial to act without delay when dealing with domestic violence cases. Our lawyers are dedicated to keeping clients and their children safe. If needed, we will obtain a restraining order to protect our clients.

We also ensure our clients have a place to live and the support they need. Our main goal is to look after those hurt by domestic violence as they go through getting a divorce. With clear legal advice, we help clients regain control of their lives.

Selecting the Right Divorce Lawyer in Yuma, Colorado

Finding the best divorce lawyer in Yuma, CO, isn’t difficult. We offer free consultations and video meetings for your convenience. Our experts cover all kinds of divorces, from simple to complex, including military and same-sex divorces. We also handle child custody and support, spousal support, and property division with precision.

Selecting the Right Divorce Lawyer in Yuma Colorado

Our lawyers have a wide range of skills in many divorce-related areas. We ensure you get the best help for your specific situation. We assure you that our experience will guide you effectively through this tough time, focusing on what matters most: your future and well-being.


We at Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law stand ready to assist you with your divorce needs in Yuma, Colorado, with a complete range of family law services. We will provide clarity and support during this incredibly stressful time. Choosing us means securing a team dedicated to your best interests. Let us handle the legal complexities while you focus on moving forward.



Divorce lawyers help people through divorce, including property division, custody issues, and legal filings.

Yes, law firms in Yuma County, CO, can handle cases from nearby communities.

The judge looks at what is best for the child, considering physical and legal custody to ensure their well-being.

Legal fees vary based on the complexity of your case and the assistance you need, but you should discuss this with your attorney.

Yes, parties can reach settlement agreements on various issues like property division or visitation without going to court.