Who Suffers Most In A Divorce

How Colorado Springs Divorce Affects Families

How Colorado Springs Divorce Affects Families

A divorce is possibly the hardest thing a family unit can go through.  The pain and suffering of leaving someone that you previously shared your life with can be devastating.  And unfortunately, the couple’s entire family are often affected by the pain and suffering associated with losing a family member.

The American family unit is crucial to the integrity of our society, and the consequences of high divorce rates can directly affect our prosperity as a nation.  Colorado Springs has recorded an increasing number of divorces in recent times and the consequences are apparent in Colorado culture, history, and schools.

That being said, often the only way for a couple with a volatile relationship to find peace is to dissolve their marriage.

Who Suffers Most In Divorce?


Children and Divorce

Children and young adults often face the greatest emotional and physical problems during and after their parents divorce.  Children often are subjected to the verbal and sometimes physical fighting of their parents prior to, and during a divorce.  This exposure can directly lead to issues with a child’s emotional and physical growth.

Clinical studies imply critical components determining how well a child fares after a divorce include:

  • The frequency with which a child’s parent argue.
  • How long the arguments last.
  • How intense the arguments are.
  • How each parent interacts with the child following such arguments.
  • The overall relationship of both parents with the child.


Women and Divorce

Statistics show that while women initiate divorce almost twice the rate that men do, women are also much more likely to greatly struggle financially after divorce.  This is particularly true if children are involved. Often, the personal growth found by dissolving a toxic relationship is replaced with the crushing financial and emotional struggle of being a suddenly single parent.  However, women tend to be much more adaptable to change during stressful times and often have a much more extensive divorce support group than men.

Men and Divorce

Research indicates that men often dig their heels in and attempt to avoid divorce to the best of their ability.  And when divorce does occur, they often take much longer than women to come to grips with their new marital reality.

It is not uncommon for men to become withdrawn from their previous social patterns.  A divorce also significantly increases a man’s chances of developing negative habits like heavy drinking.

Divorce Effects Summary

Divorce almost always has significant and often severe emotional and physical consequences for every person involved.  If you are contemplating divorcing your spouse, in addition to seeking counsel from a professional divorce lawyers, it is recommended that you consider visiting with a mental health expert who specializes in helping people cope with the emotional stresses involved with a divorce.