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Springfield Colorado Divorce Lawyer


Dealing with a divorce is no easy journey, and it’s important to remember that you’re not navigating these troubled waters by yourself. We’ve guided many individuals through this challenging process in Springfield, CO, and are here to help you with this traumatic life event.

Springfield Colorado Divorce Lawyer

We always aim to provide the best support for all your family law concerns – child custody, spousal maintenance, or dividing assets. We genuinely understand how compassionate support and effective counsel can make a difference during this adamant time in your life.

Our Family Law Services

Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law specializes in providing expert legal help for all family law matters. We handle everything from mutual separation to highly contentious and complex divorces. Our family law practice is dedicated to offering extensive experience in a wide range of family law matters, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in both straightforward and complex cases.

Our Family Law Services

Divorce consultation and representation

If you’re considering ending a marriage, take advantage of a free consultation to understand your options during this challenging period. This consultation is an opportunity to tell our experienced attorneys about your situation and objectives, whether it involves straightforward cases or navigating the complexities of a highly contested divorce. Our experienced attorneys will explain how the law impacts your situation and lay out the measures that can be taken together. Additionally, our attorneys bring a wealth of experience in civil litigation matters, further enhancing our ability to represent you effectively. This initial conversation aims to understand what awaits in family court or during mediation sessions.

Our professionals dedicate themselves to every facet of divorce proceedings, including resolving child visitation disputes and distributing marital properties. Should your ex-partner prove uncooperative, we stand ready to defend your rights and ensure fair treatment throughout the ordeal. Our goal is always to achieve the most favorable result for you while keeping stress at bay.

Child Custody and Support Services

Understanding the critical nature of child custody and support issues during a divorce is essential. Our law firm works diligently to safeguard your parenting rights while prioritizing your children’s well-being. By acknowledging each family’s distinct circumstances, there’s a strong advocacy for equitable child custody agreements and support payments. The aim is to discover solutions that foremost serve the interests of your children, ensuring their joy and security remain intact.

Our attorneys bring extensive expertise in navigating complex cases involving custodial parents, emancipation issues, and conflicts of interest scenarios. Our legal representation concentrates on facilitating agreements beneficial for all parties, focusing on the children’s welfare.

Emphasizing cooperation over confrontation helps secure outcomes that empower families to progress positively post-divorce. The welfare of the child is our utmost priority in every case. Additionally, our firm is committed to representing the interests of minors in cases involving child abuse or juvenile dependency hearings, ensuring their rights and safety are paramount.

Division of Assets and Property

Our family law firm takes the asset and belongings division seriously. Our team has a deep understanding of splitting marital assets during a divorce. Our Understanding covers everything from dividing houses and cars to tackling more complex issues such as retirement accounts and debts. We are committed to protecting your financial interests throughout the divorce process.

Division of Assets and Property

We recognize that no two cases are alike. That’s why we provide tailored legal advice to find the best solution for you individually. Whether your divorce is uncontested or requires detailed asset protection strategies, we aim to simplify property division for our clients, making it as clear-cut as possible.

Alimony/spousal support

Our lawyers specialize in helping clients navigate the complex process of securing alimony or spousal support following a divorce. They have extensive experience addressing the problematic conversations surrounding alimony, ensuring you receive fair financial support from your former spouse. This step involves meticulously reviewing all financial aspects to present a clear and justified case for support.

We offer an initial consultation at no cost, allowing you to discuss your situation and explore how we can support you with your alimony or spousal support concerns. Recognizing the emotional and financial strain this period may bring, our services are designed to be affordable without compromising quality, serving individuals in Springfield, CO, and throughout Baca County. Our prime objective is to facilitate a seamless transition into your new chapter by providing steadfast guidance every step of the way.

Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

We provide expert mediation and alternative solutions for divorcees. These strategies are designed to save costs and lessen the impact of stress compared to conventional court confrontations. Our attorneys work intimately with each individual, gaining insight into their desires, situations, and concerns. Using these softer methods, we strive to achieve settlements that meet everyone’s needs.

In most cases, divorces don’t require a trial if both parties are willing to engage in discussions with the assistance of experienced mediators. We assist our clients throughout this process, targeting resolutions that serve their best interests without dragging them through the hardships of a court ordeal. This way not only eases financial burdens but also frequently results in more favorable outcomes and happier conclusions for everyone involved.

Experienced & Compassionate Family Law Attorneys in Springfield, CO.

At Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law, we bring years of experience in family and criminal law, offering a deep understanding of every case. We listen carefully and fight hard for our Baca County, Colorado, clients. Our firm was established in Colorado Springs, where our attorneys have built a significant professional background, including work as Deputy District Attorneys in El Paso County, Colorado.

Experienced & Compassionate Family Law Attorneys in Springfield CO

Experienced and knowledgeable attorneys

Our team has decades of experience managing divorce cases, specializing in child custody, support payments, and fair asset division. Each lawyer on our staff is highly skilled in negotiation and adept at handling the pressure of courtroom confrontations. We deeply understand all aspects of family law, from common-law partnerships to official separations, including protection against domestic violence.

We are proud to include former prosecuting lawyers who have no hesitation about standing up in court to defend your rights vigorously. Their prowess makes them invaluable allies not only in family law disputes but also in criminal defense situations. Our strategy involves paying close attention to your needs and desires so we can develop a tailored plan that avoids unnecessary delays or stress. With our experts guiding you at every turn, you benefit from unparalleled commitment and knowledge.

Compassionate and personalized approach to each case

Understanding that every divorce is uniquely challenging and emotionally taxing, our well-prepared team approaches each case with deep empathy, seeing clients not as mere cases but as individuals with specific needs and feelings. We listen carefully to what you aim to achieve from your divorce, whether negotiating child custody or splitting assets, and tailor our legal strategies to meet those goals.

Our attorneys possess extensive knowledge in family law matters, including domestic violence and prenuptial agreements. Our expertise is merged with a sincere concern for our client’s welfare. The goal is to guide you smoothly through the legal process while striving to reduce any additional emotional strain you might experience. Believing in strong client relationships means getting to know your story inside out – which is crucial for advocating strongly on your behalf.

Strong advocacy for our clients

We fight tirelessly at every stage of divorce proceedings, ensuring our clients receive a fair outcome in all aspects, from asset division to child support arrangements. Recognizing the difficulties of these times, we dedicate ourselves to defending our clients’ rights and interests.

Advocating for you in court or through mediation is where we excel. Our law practice is committed to securing the best possible results for our representatives. Tackling complex issues like asset protection and civil orders with commitment and know-how, we employ precise strategies tailored to the unique demands of each case. With Moran, Allen & Associates as your advocates, we will pay attention to every detail as we strive for justice and fairness on your behalf.