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Ordway Colorado Divorce Lawyer

Colorado Divorce Lawyer In Ordway

Finding the right divorce lawyer in Ordway, Colorado, can often be challenging. Please take advantage of a free consultation with Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law to receive the expert advice needed to confidently approach your divorce, backed by extensive experience in handling divorce and family law cases in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

Ordway Colorado Divorce Lawyer

How Our Divorce Lawyers in Ordway Can Help

We know that divorce is a life-changing experience. You’re dealing with tremendous emotions and even more significant decisions. That’s where we at Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law can best help you. We offer our highly effective experience to guide you through the Ordway Colorado divorce process with care and professionalism. We also assist clients in navigating the complexities of family law issues, ensuring they receive the support they need.

How Our Divorce Lawyers in Ordway Can Help

Colorado divorce laws can be complex, covering everything from how to file for separation in El Crowley County to dividing assets fairly between ex-spouses. Without an experienced attorney, you might lose more than time; assets and adequate financial support could slip through your fingers.

Our team is well-versed in all things related to Colorado family law – from alimony and child support issues to legal separations under pretenses. We understand that every case is unique, especially when it involves domestic violence or military divorce specifics.

Therefore, we tailor our approach based on personal stories while aiming for what’s best for each client in court or through mediation services. Our job isn’t just about legal battles; it’s about providing peace of mind during one of life’s most complex challenges.

Top Services Offered by Divorce Lawyers in Ordway

Our Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law team provides various services to help you through difficult times. We’re here to represent you in court, guide you through mediation processes, and make sure your assets are divided fairly. We comprehensively address all aspects of family law matters, ensuring that every facet, including military-specific issues, is handled with care and expertise.

Top Services Offered by Divorce Lawyers in Ordway

Legal representation

We stand by our clients at every step of their divorce journey. Going through legal battles can be challenging, but with the right team, you’re never alone. We handle everything from child custody and dividing assets to those tough spousal support cases. Our lawyers use their experience to fight for your rights in family court.

Sometimes, mediation doesn’t work out, especially when feelings are powerful. We are always prepared to fight for our clients and their children. Whether a simple no-fault divorce or a more complicated contested case, we help you navigate the legal system smoothly and professionally. Making sure your interests are represented well is what motivates us every day.

Mediation services for child custody

Mediation services can calm down volatile situations. Both parties sit together and work to find a solution that suits everyone. Consider mediators as a game’s referee, ensuring every move is fair and follows the rules. The main aim is to avoid lengthy court battles, which saves time, money, and stress. With our strong negotiation skills, agreements on issues like child custody are often reached without going to court.

Families change over time, along with their needs. Our team gets this ultimately. That’s why we make parenting plans that adapt as your family grows. These plans include everything from holidays to daily routines, bringing stability during unpredictable times. Choosing mediation means picking a future with less conflict for your family.

Asset division in legal separation

Dividing assets in a divorce can be challenging. State laws generally consider everything acquired after getting married as shared property. This consideration means both spouses own almost all the marriage’s possessions and debts equally. Understanding these rules is critical to ensuring a fair division.

Splitting things up, courts usually prefer what the spouses agree upon themselves—deciding who gets what involves careful consideration of fairness and justice. Discussions about alimony, or monthly payments from one ex-spouse to the other, are also crucial. The amount and duration of alimony depend on various factors, such as the length of the marriage and each person’s income. The goal is always to reach agreements that secure our clients’ futures while avoiding court whenever possible.

Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

Finding the perfect divorce lawyer might seem complicated, but it’s critical to a smoother process. Look at their history and what others say about them. Make sure they know family law inside out. Ready to meet your match? Keep reading and take the first step toward peace of mind.

Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

Credentials and experience

Our team brings together years of expert legal experience in divorce and family law. Jay, one of our top attorneys, has been practicing personal injury law since 1990 and has offered more than 26 years of dedicated service.

Each attorney contributes extensive expertise in practicing law and an unwavering dedication to securing the best outcomes possible for you. We adhere to the Colorado Bar Association’s guidelines to ensure fairness and professionalism in every step we take on behalf of our clients. Our commitment shines through in courtrooms, mediation sessions, meetings, and calls. We’re here to support you throughout your journey.

Client testimonials

We know how crucial honest feedback is to you. Our clients tell their stories, giving you a look into our legal help and personal care. Hearing from past clients teaches us valuable lessons about divorce, custody fights, and splitting assets. These experiences make us more vigorous advocates for you during tough times.

Specialization in family law issues

Our team specializes in family law, covering divorce and guardianship. We handle cases on marital property division, prenuptial agreements, and child custody issues. Our expertise extends to alimony or spousal support, domestic violence, protective orders, and estate planning. We’re passionate about protecting your rights and the well-being of minors in hearings related to child abuse or juvenile dependency.

In Ordway Colorado, Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law stands out for our dedication to family-related legal matters. Our lawyers offer personal service in practice areas that matter most during difficult times – like securing parental rights or managing adoption processes.

With every case we take on, from uncontested divorces to complex juvenile delinquency defenses, we aim for solutions that serve our clients best. We’re here to guide you through every step with clarity and commitment.

FAQ About Divorce in Ordway

Do you have questions about splitting up in Ordway? We’ve got answers. From how to start the divorce process to figuring out child visits, we have you covered.

FAQ About Divorce in Ordway

Common queries addressed

We often hear many questions about divorce and separation agreements in Ordway, Colorado. Many people want to know if they can complete a divorce petition. Yes, you can, but we always recommend getting help from a skilled family lawyer.

This step ensures that everything is done right the first time. Legal separation might be needed before you can get divorced. It’s like being divorced, but not entirely; you’re still legally married in some ways.

People also ask us how their things will be split up during a divorce. State laws decide how this happens, and in our state, most property and debts picked up after saying “I do” are considered owned jointly by both partners. This phenomenon means they need to be relatively divided when parting ways. At Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law, we guide our clients through these processes with care and expertise.


Finding the right divorce lawyer in Ordway doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve got your back at Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law. Our team offers everything from legal advice to ensuring you get a fair share of assets.

We listen, understand, and then act, ensuring your voice is heard clearly. With us by your side, you’re not just hiring a lawyer; you’re gaining a partner who fights for what’s rightfully yours. Let’s face those challenges together and progress towards a brighter future today.


We help people through the arduous process of getting a divorce. This support includes splitting up property, figuring out who gets to see the kids and when, and sometimes dealing with protection orders.

Yes, we offer free consultations. You can share your story with us, and we’ll explain how we can help without charging you a dime.

Experience matters because it means we’ve seen it all before. We know the courts in Crowley County very well, so we’re good at predicting what might happen in your case and planning accordingly.

If you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed by things like dividing up property or figuring out custody arrangements, it’s time to call us. We can take on those heavy loads, so you won’t have to worry.

Absolutely. In addition to divorces, we handle criminal defense cases, everything from minor offenses to more serious crimes that could seriously impact your future.