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Can You Remarry Someone You Have Divorced?

Can You Get Remarried to the Same Person Again?

Can You Remarry The Same Person Many ask, “can you remarry the same person after divorce in Colorado?” 

We’re all too familiar with this question at Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law. 

Surprisingly, 10 to 15 percent of divorced people decide to try marriage again with their ex-spouse. We will explore how legal and emotional considerations are essential to successfully addressing these waters for a second chance at marital bliss. Join us as we uncover more on this heartfelt journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Getting remarried to your ex-spouse is not just possible but happens for 10 to 15 percent of divorced people. Before walking down the aisle again, legal steps like vacating the previous marriage judgment and setting up a prenuptial agreement are essential.

  • Addressing old conflicts and setting new expectations before remarrying is crucial for a successful relationship. Open communication and professional guidance can help resolve past issues and ensure both parties have realistic views about their second chance at marriage.

  • Consulting with family law experts helps handle the unique considerations of remarrying an ex-spouse, such as reassessing financial and parental responsibilities based on current circumstances. This process includes understanding how assets owned individually may now be shared property in the eyes of the law.

  • Taking practical steps to clear legal hurdles, craft detailed prenuptial agreements, and engage in open discussions about past mistakes pave the way for a healthier union. Facing these challenges together can strengthen your relationship’s foundation for long-term happiness.

  • Ensuring both partners are committed to learning from their previous experiences and openly discussing changes in parental duties or financial situations is critical. This preparation will minimize stress and align expectations for those considering giving their love story another chance.

Legal Considerations for Remarrying Your Ex-Spouse

Legal-Considerations-for-Remarrying-Your-Ex-Spouse-275127937.jpgThinking about getting remarried to your former partner involves more than just saying “I do” again. 

It would be best to clear legal hurdles such as voiding the old marriage judgment and considering a pre-marriage contract.

Vacating Previous Marital Judgment

Vacating a previous marital judgment is essential for couples considering remarrying each other. We guide our clients through this process, ensuring that the court’s authority over them ends effectively. This action nullifies any post-decree orders related to spousal maintenance, child support, child custody, and parenting time. It clears the path for your new marriage by legally acknowledging that your former relationship commitments have concluded.

Divorced couples can start anew by vacating a previous marital judgment, removing legal barriers to remarriage. Our expertise at Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law supports parties in managing these changes smoothly. We make sure you understand every aspect of how vacating your first marriage’s judgment affects both your legal and financial considerations as you plan on marrying again.

Establishing a Prenuptial Agreement

When you remarry your former spouse, creating a prenuptial agreement before saying “I do” again is wise. This crucial step ensures that everything about marital property and parental responsibilities is evident from the start, helping avoid disagreements in the future. A prenup shows how assets and duties will be divided if the second marriage attempt fails. Since remarriages have challenges, this agreement can protect both parties’ interests and make any potential breakup less difficult.

Experience has taught us that open communication and legal planning are essential in making relationships work on the second attempt. We help our clients craft detailed prenups that include everything from social security benefits to managing marital assets should there be another divorce. This process takes care of financial matters and encourages a healthier, more transparent foundation for couples as they begin this renewed journey together.

Psychological and Emotional Considerations

Psychological and Emotional ConsiderationsUnderstanding the mental and emotional layers of remarrying your former partner is crucial. 

After the initial anger and frustration of divorce dissipate, some couples realize they miss their former spouse and reconsider their relationship. We explore how to approach past issues and set new goals for a healthier union.

Addressing Past Conflicts

We understand the shadows that past disagreements can cast on a new beginning. Addressing previous conflicts is crucial for making your second marriage to your ex-spouse successful. It’s about being completely honest with each other, avoiding mind games, and not expecting the other to read your mind. We encourage couples to take a personal inventory of what went wrong in their first marriages and actively work on recognizing and rectifying those mistakes.

Our Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law team advises taking practical steps to dissolve the ghosts of past hurts before walking down the aisle again. This step often involves open communication, possibly with professional guidance, to resolve unresolved issues effectively. It helps ensure that both parties have reasonable expectations and are willing to put forth the effort required for their relationship to succeed this time around. Clearing up these conflicts paves the way for a stronger foundation in your remarriage, keeping in mind that statistical data suggests continually working on these areas is essential for long-term happiness and stability.

Setting New Expectations for the Relationship

It’s crucial to guide clients in setting new expectations for their relationships before considering remarrying. It’s essential to discuss past conflicts honestly and figure out how both parties will tackle them differently this time around. Couples must agree on precise communication methods and set boundaries to handle disagreements more effectively. Rebuilding a relationship involves understanding each other’s needs and communicating openly without trying to guess what the other is thinking or playing games.

“Success in a remarriage starts with having realistic expectations and being completely honest about the past.” Learning from previous experiences is critical to a successful second marriage. It’s essential to discuss parental responsibilities upfront, especially if children from previous relationships are involved.

This conversation should include everything from day-to-day parenting duties to financial commitments for the children. Understanding these aspects can significantly reduce stress and ensure that both partners are aligned before tying the knot again.

Practical Steps to a Second Marriage with Your Ex-Spouse

Practical Steps to a Second Marriage with Your Ex-SpouseDeciding to get remarried to your ex-spouse involves more than just rekindling old feelings. 

We guide you through essential steps such as consulting with family law experts and reassessing shared responsibilities.

Consultation with Family Law Experts

We guide our clients through remarrying their ex-spouse, recognizing that each situation is unique. Our Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law team provides expert advice on legal considerations such as vacating previous marital judgments and establishing prenuptial agreements before you get remarried. We understand the importance of addressing every detail to ensure a successful second marriage.

Consulting with our family law experts helps clear any doubts about parental obligations and financial responsibilities that might have changed since your last union. We make things completely honest and straightforward, discussing how past issues can affect your future relationship. We aim to help you rebuild a stronger foundation for your remarriage, avoiding common pitfalls that lead many second marriages to fail. With us, you start this journey fully informed and prepared for what lies ahead.

Reevaluating Financial and Parental Responsibilities

Our team understands that choosing to remarry your ex-spouse brings significant changes, especially with your finances and duties as a parent. Having new kids in the family can change custody plans, parenting times, and how much child support needs to be paid. Thinking carefully about how these shifts affect your choice is essential.

Before you make this big decision, we help our clients look over their assets and responsibilities again. If the value of any property you own has gone up since you remarried, it now counts as something both of you own together. What we mean is if things don’t work out and you end up getting divorced from the same person again, this time around, there’s usually less stuff to fight over compared to what happened during your first divorce settlement. Knowing how this works is critical for anyone considering getting back together with an ex-spouse.


We at Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law know the journey of remarrying an ex-spouse is unique. Every couple has different stories and reasons for their decisions. With proper legal guidance and emotional readiness, you can start anew with someone familiar. Remarriage to a former partner marks a new chapter where past issues are addressed, and plans align. Let’s walk this path together as your trusted guides in family law, ensuring your relationship gets the strong foundation it deserves for its second chance.


Yes, you can remarry the same person, even your ex-spouse, after a divorce. The reasons for getting remarried vary and may range from recognizing mistakes made in the past to seeing changes that make the relationship succeed.

Statistically speaking, many remarriages fail due to unresolved issues from the first marriage. If ghosts of hurt and game-playing from your previous relationship with your ex-spouse have not dissipated, it might be a bad idea to get divorced again.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer because every couple is unique, experts note that sometimes people realize their errors and grow in ways that can make their second time successful.

Children can influence such decisions as they’re part of both parents’ lives. However, remember this choice primarily involves you and your spouse; two children or more shouldn’t be the only reason for reuniting.

Yes! Even though you’re marrying someone who was once legally tied to you before divorce, when you choose to marry again – even if it’s with an ‘ex,’ it still requires a new marriage certificate like any typical wedding.