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Akron Colorado Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer in Akron, Colorado

We understand the emotional stress and uncertainty that a divorce brings. Let us explain how an expert divorce lawyer can streamline this challenging process for you, offering support and clarity when needed. 

Akron Colorado Divorce Lawyer

Key Points

  • Our lawyers at Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law help make the divorce process smoother by advising on strategy, negotiating on your behalf, and handling complex paperwork and legal proceedings.

  • We offer a wide range of services, including dissolution of marriage, legal separation advice, child custody agreements, mediation services for peaceful resolutions, orders of protection for safety concerns, managing appeals related to family law verdicts, and assisting with uncontested divorce by helping spouses create their divorce settlement agreement by mutual consent.

  • It’s advised to consult a divorce lawyer early when considering ending a marriage to ensure outstanding guidance from the start. Our Moran, Allen & Associates team has expertise in dealing with high-net-worth divorces and intricate custody disputes.

  • Considering a lawyer’s expertise/experience and cost is crucial before hiring. Take advantage of a free consultation to discuss legal expenses and expectations to avoid surprises later.

  • Our client testimonials highlight the supportive nature of our lawyers during difficult times. We advocate strongly on our clients’ behalves for fair outcomes in property division and child custody battles.

Advising on strategy

We help guide you through the divorce process, making it smoother and less stressful. By evaluating every aspect of your situation, including child custody and the role of the custodial parent in receiving child maintenance, property division, and spousal support, we develop strategies designed specifically for you. 

This approach fully addresses the custodial parent’s rights and responsibilities and secures fair custody and visitation arrangements. Our goal is to find solutions that save time and minimize stress.

Our method merges legal knowledge with down-to-earth advice. Whether dealing with high net worth situations or complex payment arrangements, we provide personalized counsel to safeguard valuable assets and seek fair results for all parties involved.


Strong Advocates

Our team stands up for you during tough negotiations. We bring years of courtroom battles and strategy talks to the table. At Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law, our skilled attorneys use their deep understanding of family statutes and past case victories to argue your side effectively.

Whether it’s about dividing what you own, deciding who children live with, or how much support one spouse needs to pay another, we know how to talk so others listen. We don’t just speak; we act in your best interests. 

Our unmatched experience gives us a unique advantage in predicting outcomes and planning accordingly. This unique experience gives us the advantage of pushing for the best deals outside courtrooms, saving time, emotional stress, and money while ensuring fair agreements on child guardianship, assets division, or support payments without needing a judge’s decision every step.

Handling paperwork and legal proceedings

We handle all the necessary paperwork for your case, from divorce documents to custody agreements. Our team ensures every form is accurately completed and submitted to the court on time. This part of the process can be complex, but we manage it efficiently so you don’t have to stress.

Additionally, we represent you during legal proceedings in your divorce or custody battle. We stand up for you in court, speak on your behalf, and advocate for outcomes safeguarding your interests. With our extensive trial experience and deep understanding of divorce laws, we strive tirelessly to secure decisions that favor you and your family’s well-being.

Full-Service Akron, Colorado Divorce Lawyers

We at Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law offer a wide range of services to support you from start to finish, providing peace of mind that your best interests are always our priority. 

Full-Service Akron Colorado Divorce Lawyers

Dissolution of Marriage

Understanding that ending a marriage is a significant turning point in your life. We provide full legal support to guide you through this phase, ensuring your rights are safeguarded while striving for the most favorable outcomes.

Our support includes assistance in dividing assets like investments and retirement accounts, handling custody disputes with the child’s best interests at heart, and setting up reasonable spousal support arrangements. Additionally, we offer guidance on uncontested divorce. In this method, spouses can mutually agree on a divorce settlement, streamlining the process for those who can agree on their terms.

Our method involves:

  • Clear communication

  • Robust representation in court when necessary

  • Professional advice on intricate issues such as divorces involving substantial wealth or significant assets

We collaborate closely with our clients to develop parenting plans that consider everyone’s needs and help facilitate an easier transition into post-divorce life.

Legal Separation

We specialize in guiding legal separation, a step that many consider before deciding on divorce. Legal separation means spouses live apart but are still legally married. This arrangement allows both parties to resolve child support, spousal support, and property division without officially ending the marriage. Our team helps clients understand their rights and obligations during this period.

Our consultations offer an in-depth look at legal separation options. We discuss how it impacts your life, from managing shared assets to setting up parenting schedules. Since every family’s situation differs, we create tailored strategies to meet individual needs. Getting involved with our legal services early helps ensure you make well-informed decisions about your future.

Child Custody

While understanding the emotional weight of fighting for child custody, we’re a dedicated team specializing in forming agreements that prioritize children’s best interests, including the role of the custodial parent in receiving child maintenance for the care and support of the children. Recognizing that every family’s situation is distinct, we tirelessly seek solutions beneficial to all parties involved, with a keen focus on the custodial parent’s rights and responsibilities toward the children’s well-being always being the primary focus during negotiations and decisions.

Our experience has equipped us to manage high-conflict custody cases with sensitivity and professionalism, ensuring the custodial parent’s needs and the children’s best interests are met. Our mission is to alleviate stress during these challenging times by efficiently handling legal processes related to custody and support.

From negotiating visitation rights to settling questions of physical and legal custody, we offer guidance at each step with clear advice and strong representation. Our ultimate aim is securing a favorable outcome for children and parents, especially the custodial parent, amid challenging transitions.

Mediation and Agreements

Advocating for mediation as a peaceful resolution method is another excellent step. This approach focuses on helping individuals reach agreements beneficial to all parties involved, particularly concerning children and significant assets such as homes or businesses. The aim is to avoid prolonged court disputes that can deplete financial resources and emotional health.

With specialized skills in creating clear, equitable agreements during the divorce process, meticulous attention is paid to understanding each individual’s unique circumstances. This thorough comprehension enables effective negotiation on behalf of our clients, ensuring that all arrangements are fair and sustainable for the long haul. Whether dealing with child custody issues or dividing marital property, our efforts are directed toward solutions that honor everyone’s needs and future well-being.

Orders of Protection

Our team specializes in helping clients obtain protection orders to shield them from domestic issues. We recognize how crucial your safety and legal rights are. To support you, we will navigate through every step together, from preparing and filing the necessary documents to representing you in court whenever required.

Our extensive experience makes us approach these sensitive situations with the utmost care. We prioritize ensuring that all measures we undertake protect your well-being and provide peace of mind during these challenging periods.

When to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

An excellent time to seek a free consultation is before signing papers or making agreements with your spouse. The laws surrounding dividing property, child custody, and spousal support are complex. Our Moran, Allen & Associates Family Law team has the knowledge to navigate these issues efficiently. We make sure your rights are protected every step of the way.

When to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

What to Consider When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Choosing the right legal expert for your divorce is critical. Look at their years of experience and fields of expertise to ensure they match your needs. Make sure they understand everything from dividing assets to child custody laws, providing solid guidance every step of the way.

What to Consider When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Expertise and experience

We bring a deep understanding of family law to every case and have years of experience in courtrooms and negotiation tables. Our team comprises former prosecutors who have chosen to focus their careers on safeguarding your rights during a divorce. This unique background gives us a comprehensive view of the legal system, enabling us to develop strategies that protect your interests.

Our expertise in managing high-net-worth divorces and intricate custody disputes comes from our skill in navigating complex compensation structures and fighting for the best interests of any children involved.

We don’t just practice law; we are dedicated to continuous learning and staying ahead of legal trends. This commitment means we offer you our vast knowledge and innovative solutions designed specifically for your needs.

Cost of hiring

Understanding that the cost of hiring a divorce attorney can be a significant concern for many, offering free consultations from the beginning helps relieve some of this stress. The total expense often depends on the complexity of your case and how much effort is required to resolve it.

Making high-quality legal help reachable is our goal. We offer clear itemization of fees to ensure no surprises later on. Whether dealing with divorce documentation, navigating spousal support negotiations, or addressing parenting and custody challenges, prioritizing clients’ needs remains paramount.


We at Moran, Allen & Associates understand that divorce is arduous. We stand ready to guide you with expert legal advice in Akron, Colorado. Our team seamlessly handles everything from property division to child custody precisely and carefully.

We offer free consultations to start your path towards resolution. Reach out for passionate representation that keeps your best interests at heart.